Kristian Freeman

What to do with a newsletter?

My relationship with my newsletter is complicated.

A few years ago, I thought the newsletter was the path to financial freedom (seriously). I was focused on growing it, trying to sell ads, etc. I had seen lots of other successful newsletters in the space, and I felt like there was a renaissance of emails as the thing. And maybe there was! But I didn't ever fully nail the positioning.

So now I have 3.8k subscribers in a dormant email list. They haven't received an email for over a year, and when they did get emails, they weren't very good. They aren't super valuable in the "what is this newsletter worth" sense, and they aren't very warm subscribers because I've messed around with them too many times -- junky newsletter rebrands, selling ads, etc.

What do I do with the newsletter? I've been making daily videos that are just me hanging out - over on YouTube. I'm not selling anything, not even trying to teach, really. Just talking through what I'm working on and thinking out loud, mostly. Maybe the newsletter is some variant of that.