Kristian Freeman

LLMs and voice are really something else

LLMs are really amazing tools for exploring/learning things. (Of course, verify the output!)

Here's a really neat experience I had while I was in the car today. I used ChatGPT's voice feature to have a conversation: "What even is gasoline?"

I learned about what gasoline is, what an octane rating is, the difference between gas and diesel, and even the historical change from diesel usage to gasoline in the US. Really incredible!

But where it got super interesting was when I asked ChatGPT to quiz me on what we had just talked about. It gave me five questions to check my recall, and even corrected me when I got some slight aspects of the answers wrong.

It's remarkable that it simply adapts to whatever you ask it to do. And doing it via voice makes things very immediate. It's crazy to think we're only a few years into this technology. It's going to make learning things really personal and interactive.