Kristian Freeman

Full-stack development is a superpower

The best thing about being a software developer that can work full-stack is the ability to solve your own problems, by building your own solutions.

Example: I'm experimenting with building a rank-and-rent site in my local area. As I get it ready to go, I had a need for building a list of companies in that industry for outreach.

I had my VA start and generate an initial list by hand, then I remembered... I've built something for this!

It's not quite done yet, but is a tool I built 4-5 months ago for generating lead lists. Another side project has taken up all my time since then, so I almost forgot it existed.

I wouldn't have built that tool if I didn't keep running into the same problem: I kept wanting to generate lists of companies in my area. And I figured it wouldn't be too hard to build (it wasn't), so I did it.

Now, I can reap the benefits of having built it every time I have something that is in the same domain. I can also improve the product based on my own needs - I'm my first customer.